The Forest

The Forest for Windows

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  • In English
  • Version: Preview 0.41

Survive a forest inhabited by cannibals in this free game.

You are the lone survivor of a devastating aircraft crash and find yourself stuck in a huge and mysterious forest which is inhabited by mutant cannibals. Use your wits to stay alive and thrive or perish.

A first person simulator with a terrifying twist.

In this great simulation, you enter a realist world where trees and plants can be utilised for your benefit. There is a labyrinth of underground cave networks and lakes to explore. Build a camp or a fire by chopping down trees. Search for food to stop from going hungry. Build anything from a small shelter to a large fortress by the ocean. Keep the perimeter safe by planting traps and other defences. Use daylight to build and explore and be ready and on guard at night. Make tools and weapons and take the offensive, facing your enemies head on. Can you win the fight against a frightening tribe of mutant cannibalistic humanoids.

A realist and frightening survival game.

Technically this game is highly developed, with stunning graphics, excellent performance and incredible sound effects. The mutant cannibals are well developed with a great level of depth. Unlike some games where the enemy simply attacks, these seem to plan and execute their moves with a greater complexity.


  • Lots of updates.
  • Brilliants graphics and sound.


  • Equipment is hard to locate.
  • Mapping needs improvement.

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The Forest


The Forest Preview 0.41 for PC

User reviews about The Forest

  • Cybyll trogs

    by Cybyll trogs

    very good
    game game game game game game gameg maeg
    ddd efefwfwrfgwe wergwegew ewg

  • Vicheka Zada

    by Vicheka Zada

    this game is good or perfect in the world bc somebody like to play this game

  • ramy Mohamed

    by ramy Mohamed

    its good game
    pleas i need passworld for rar file with my wish thankyou

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it didnt even work like the way i wanted. It doesnt download well. Pros: idk
    Cons: that it actually downloads

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    make it for window's vista.
    could you put the game for window's vista please iv'e been "dying" to play this gamMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    is a nice game but that canibales are to dangerus is the best game Pros: the suit case
    Cons: guns

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